Older – wiser – weirder:

So much beauty

This morning I woke up at 3.30 am with one hell of a headache. Bewildering. Quick check: Any alcohol (no) lots of sweets (no) anything containing wheat or milk (no). That covers the usual suspects, and they are all innocent. Eventually and reluctantly, I rolled out of bed. My beloved was already up, as it turned out, and even our elderly Little Bear was strewn across the landing, both eyes open, probably wondering what his humans were up to in the middle of the night. One of those nights… Mr. W. and Little Bear went back to sleep after a while, but I did not. Instead, I went outside and stood in the garden.

We live in a village, not too close to the surrounding larger towns, and in the dead of night, light pollution is relatively low. I stared at the bright stars, messengers of worlds within worlds, that formed patterns in the blackness, and I raised my arms and just stood there, immersed in starlight. Orion’s Belt, sharp and clear as though someone had stencilled it onto a black canvas, was the only constellation I could name, amongst the hundreds and thousands of visible stars. Who cares about names … I felt as though all my worries were softly absorbed by starlight, gently washed away, leaving me as clear and bright as the stars. Light. Absorbed by infinity. My spirit soaring in space as pure energy, unencumbered by a lifetime’s thoughts and concerns. All is one, all is well.

Back indoors, I scanned YouTube for something that would encompass the beauty, the starlight, the feeling of connection and endless space, and I found Deva Premal and India.Arie singing the Tara Mangalartha Mantra. I’ve been chanting it on and off ever since, in-between my first coffee of the day and all the other start-of-day things. Feeling blessed and surrounded by beauty – not a bad way to start the day! Somewhere along the line, the headache that woke me up just slipped away. Om Tare Tuttare Ture…   

Image by sl1990 from Pixabay

2 Replies to “Older – wiser – weirder:”

  1. Beautiful Gitta,
    I’ve had this sitting in my emails for ages and only just reading it now.
    It is so beautiful to be able to stand out under the stars with little surrounding light and be absorbed into their expansiveness. Years ago, I did a massive painting which reminds me of this . Hope this finds you well and still writing your magical words. I love reading about your world . Wishing you and yours all the very best for 2023

    Shona X X

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    1. Dear Shona, thank you for this lovely comment. With the (long overdue) energy saving efforts at long last catching on across the region, we now have no streetlights from midnight onwards, so even more beautiful starlight to bask in… Wishing you all good things for 2023, Gitta xx


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