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In my first novel, How to Make Your Heart Sing, you’ll meet women in their 40s, 60s and 80s, all of them daring to change the way they live, finding joy and healing and new ways forward through courage, friendship and mutual support.

Some years ago, I published two ‘TinyBooks’ here in Germany, but relaunching them internationally in my preferred format is proving somewhat cumbersome. Here’s a quick preview, though: The Way Across the Mountains is a hero’s journey with a generous dose of everyday magic thrown in. Super-Max Goes Home is about a little girl and her beloved dog who dies when his body is getting too worn-out to function – but that’s not the end, and it’s not a sad story!

An added extra…

I’ve been involved with energy-based approaches to health and well-being for a long time and these naturally flow into my books. My fictional characters use some of these to help them with their trials and tribulations.

Current books

“I loved this book from the very outset and would have read it in one sitting if ‘life’ hadn’t intervened.” — Susan Evans

“This is the story of the year I dismantled my life. I didn’t mean to. I just wanted to figure out what makes my heart sing. But as it turns out, the search for your own Real & True isn’t selective, nothing is exempt. Marriage? Job? Home? Friends? It all comes crashing down, one after the other, like the proverbial row of dominoes. And then what??

My name is Lucy Granger. I’m forty-nine years old when you first meet me on the afternoon flight out of Oslo, after what was meant to be a standard work meeting. Instead, it was where the unravelling started…”

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The Way Across The Mountains is the story of Lon, who leaves the safe road to follow her dream into the mountains. A fairy tale, or maybe a parable, about transformation and the process of change.

Super-Max Goes Home is about a little girl, Emmie, whose dog Maxwell, her Super-Max, dies. But ‘dead’ is not ‘gone’ and this story is only sad until the both of them come to realize that there’s much more to life than fur and bones. I wrote this for kids, but it seems to appeal to grown-ups, too.

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The Way Across The MountainsSuper-Max Goes Home

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