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I love storytelling – it’s how I relate to the world. I write about the wild, messy, glorious process of change, about the power we have to address and transform what isn’t working in our life. About the joy of being who we truly are, instead of who others might like us to be. About the courage to love, even though getting hurt is an inescapable part of the deal. And I write about deliberately creating a life that truly makes our heart sing – and how we can get out of our own way to make things a whole lot easier for ourselves.

In my ‘day job’ as a translator, I work with Indie-authors who write in German and want to make their books accessible to the English-speaking world. I also offer a language-editing service for books written in English.

My first novel: Meet Lucy, who is about to have an extraordinary, transformative year…

How to Make Your Heart Sing

What do you do when the life you’ve ended up living isn’t anything like the life you really want? Do you continue to make do with what-is, or do you dare to change? And I mean, really change – not just the odd minor adjustment. Lucy – 49 years old, great kids, good job, big house, semi-famous husband – finds herself faced with just that choice. This is her story.

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Now also available as paperback!

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“Transformation doesn’t have to be deep, dark and mysterious. If you screw up, fine – laugh at yourself, learn and move on.” — Iyanla Vanzant


Viral craziness

Whom or what can we trust? What’s real news, what’s panic-inducing fake news or plain manipulation? Which statistics have any real meaning? Or are they all largely meaningless, carefully crafted to prove whatever is deemed best by whoever presents the numbers? And how come everyone who disagrees with the mainstream is labelled a ‘conspiracy theorist’? …