How it works: a reminder

Esther Hicks looks like a friendly, vivacious lady, smart hair, smart make-up, smart clothes. She gets up on stage or in front of a camera, says “hello” to the audience, closes her eyes, smiles, nods a couple of times and becomes the mouthpiece for a bunch of non-physical entities, a focused stream of consciousness who call themselves Abraham. As in, we together are Abraham; not: we are lots of individuals and we are all called Abraham.

I love Abraham and Esther for pointing out to us the wider context in which we live, and our own role in creating all that exists in our lives. I love them for poking gentle fun at some of our worries and misconceptions and for helping us not to take things so damn seriously – ourselves, life in general, death in general and all the stuff in-between.

This morning I switched into one of their recordings on YouTube and heard: “There are two ways to know what you’re at – one is the way you feel, and the other is by what’s showing up in your life.” Which gives me plenty to think about. How do I feel these days? Pretty good, actually. I feel at home in my life. And I feel so much less anxious. In fact, it’s only these past few years that I’ve come to understand just how anxious a life I’ve been living. Feeling never quite good enough, never quite right, never belonging, never really at ease, never at peace. What an arduous, exhausting way to live! To be able to leave that behind (more or less), I had to understand and accept some basic things about how my life works:

@ I am completely in charge of my life. No one else. No one to blame, ever.

@ My thoughts influence how my life turns out: what I think creates my future.

@ What I spend the most time thinking about is what will show up for me. Learning how to consciously apply this is the most powerful and effective way of creating the life I actually want.

Which means that what my life is like today – how I feel, what shows up for me – is the result of what I’ve been thinking up to now. And if my life today isn’t what I want, then I need to change my focus of attention. I need to find a way to take my focus away from what I don’t want and instead focus on what I do want. I’m happy to say that I’m a lot better at this than I used to be. It’s mostly a matter of practice, you can teach yourself to do this. Here’s one way, the one that works for me:

You consciously move yourself away from something unpleasant (“I really hate my job and I don’t even want to go there again”) to something pleasant – it’s a way to soothe yourself, to help take your attention off the horrible thing and give yourself a break (“I really love my kids and I love hugging them and making them laugh and oh, I just LOVE them”). So, is your job suddenly wonderful? Of course not. But by shifting your focus of attention, you have also shifted your point of attraction.

What’s a “point of attraction”? It’s another term for “you get back what you give out” – in other words, if you walk around hating everything, you’ll attract more things to hate. If you walk around resenting things, you’ll get more to resent. Don’t take my word for it, look at your own life: What is it that keeps showing up for you? What’s your predominant issue? Bad relationships? Ill health? A job you hate? Lack of money? Loneliness? Whatever it is, chances are you’ve had this for a long time, and you’ve tried for ages to somehow deal with it.

This is Law of Attraction in action. You feel something is wrong or lacking, so you worry about it constantly, so that’s where most of your attention is focused. On what you don’t want. Focus on lack of money and you get more lack of money, not more money. To attract more money into your life, you need to shift your focus from what you don’t want (lack of money) to what you do want (more money). It’s easy to say, no problem, I’ll just think of winning the lottery, wouldn’t that be great! But if your debts exceed your current income potential and you still have half a month to go on next to no cash, authentically putting yourself in the position of a lottery winner is as impossible as flying to the moon on a lawn mower.

Which is why it’s so much easier to shift your focus to something good you already have: your kids, your beloved, your dog/cat/rabbit, the beautiful flowers in your garden or the delicious cookie you’re about to eat. Whatever makes you feel truly happy. Create some breathing space. You already know how to worry. Now learn how to refocus on ease.

Then, from your new vantage point of (momentary) ease, allow life to surprise you, delight you even. Worrying about your lack of money hasn’t helped so far, has it? How about giving yourself a break? Say: I’m shelving you for today, money worries. Maybe I’ll look at you again tomorrow. But just for today, I’m going to focus on what’s right in my world. I’m going to appreciate what I love, and to hell with everything else! I have the power!!  

Some years ago, Pam Grout wrote “E-Squared”, a kind of DIY manual to prove to yourself that Law of Attraction really works. She invites you to do nine experiments – no cost involved – that show you, on your home turf, how this works, and how this is already working for you at all times. It’s a fun way to become aware of something that’ll potentially make your life so much easier. I hope you try this out for yourself. It won’t solve all your problems over night, but it’ll help you realise that you’re in charge of your life, now and always. And yes, that means there really isn’t anyone else to blame, ever. Damn and blast! It’s all on me… Isn’t that wonderful?!

PS: In case you’re wondering – that hut under the Northern Lights? That’s on my bucket list. In fact, I can practically smell the crunchy snow, feel the icy cold on my face and that eerie light sparkling in my eyes …

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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