A momentary brightness

In-between all the gloom and doom concerning The Virus, the Wall Street Crash, a braincell-defying rush on toilet paper, and day after day of rain and endless greyness, we had a sudden flash of bright sunshine. I rushed to grab my mobile, but by the time I had it in place the moment had more or less passed, and the clouds were moving in again. But oh, the brightness of it, the sudden glorious colour, the hint of springtime after all those glum months – it made me dance around the Hexenhouse: Soon there’ll be sunshine and flowers and green leaves on shrubs and trees and I’ll be able to use my ‘outside office’ again. Can’t wait…

Meantime, The Virus is spreading in ever-widening circles. Did we really think we could contain it? Virus has an intelligence, an ability to adapt: We could learn a thing or two. Some while ago, during a previous ‘flu season that had me laid up for days, I went ‘in’ to get in touch with whatever invaders had hijacked my various body systems. In shamanism, we seek to communicate with whatever comes to our attention, on the basis that all has soul, a life force that’s part of the great web that connects and contains us all. Even viruses. The image was of an expanse of ant-like creatures, moving as one, occupying so much of my body that I was astonished to be still breathing. When I called out to them and asked for their leader, so I would have someone to talk with, they all responded together: We are one. Eventually, one of their number stepped forward to accommodate my inability to address the great masses. Why are you here? I asked, and Virus replied: We go where conditions allow. I said, but you are causing damage, you are bad for me. Virus replied: We are neither good nor bad. We go where conditions allow. I said, so what can I do to get you to leave? And Virus replied: Change conditions. We go where conditions allow. And that was it – end of conversation.

So, I checked out some basics concerning the conditions that allow viruses to thrive. (Please remember that I’m not in any way a qualified medical person – just a regular old witch who talks to viruses hehe…) What pH value do they like, for example? Turns out they like a nice acidic environment. Which is good to know, because it gives us an immediate plan of action: Eat more alkaline foods and find some ways to relax, because ongoing stress and a diet high in acid-forming food and drink helps create the acidic conditions that Virus likes. And drink more water. Dehydrated bodies seem to be fair game for pretty much any invader. If you are interested, this article https://draxe.com/health/ph-balance/ may be useful. It’s not rocket science and it’s something we can do, ourselves, without great disruption to our busy lives. I’m in no way suggesting that if we sort out our pH level, drink more water and maybe add some anti-viral herbs to our daily routine, we’ll be immune to the new corona virus, but it would likely improve our overall resilience. Which must be a good thing, right?

An unnamed elder of the Hopi Nation once said: “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” Meaning, we need to get our shit together, jointly and severally. Right here, right now, in the face of climate change, imbecilic politicians and invading viruses. I believe that we can. (And, right on cue, there’s the sun again – another momentary brightness, the promise of spring.)

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