Morning has broken

Here’s my ideal morning routine: I wake up early, well before Mr W., stretch and smile and say ‘thank you for this new day’ and make my way downstairs. I walk through all the rooms, lighting candles and watering the plants, drink some lemon water and settle in my room to meditate. Then I brew my first coffee of the day while listening to one of my favourite teachers – Jack Kornfield, maybe, or Abraham-Hicks – followed by some intense journal-writing. That’s how I like my days to begin, feeling calm and centred and that special kind of happy that comes from being, for just that moment, utterly contented and grateful for my life, right here, right now.

THIS morning I shoot up in bed, hearing the dustbin lorry rumbling up the street. Shit!!! I forgot to put the bins out! Mr W. is fast asleep next to me, I bet he forgot, too. In the semi-darkness I fumble for a shirt, pad around for my flip-flops and race downstairs and out into the yard, probably looking for all the world like the dishevelled, barely awake madwoman I am right now. I manage to drag the bins out just as the dustbin lorry turns the corner. Phew! I’ve overslept, I feel disgruntled, disoriented, dis-everything. And grumpy as hell. Bleary-eyed, I brew some industrial-strength coffee, belatedly noticing my aching shoulders, the pressure headache that’s creeping up from the base of the skull. Meditation? Jack K.? Abraham-Hicks? Not bloody likely! I take my coffee through to the living room and switch the TV on. Hah – Murder She Wrote (in German, hehe). I settle back on the settee, prop my feet up and watch the story unfold. And what do you know – by the time Ms Jessica Fletcher and her merry sidekicks have sorted out this latest challenge and her largely comical deductive ability has saved the day yet again, I feel great. The headache has gone, my shoulders are almost back to normal, and I smile and stretch and say, thank you for this day. And feel just as calm and centred as I would after my ‘ideal’ morning routine…

So, what does that prove? Maybe just this:  R E L A X and go with the flow! If I had tried to force myself into my usual routine this morning, chances are I’d have ended up with a shrieking headache for the rest of the day and shoulders locked solid to boot. We always know how to get back into balance – we just need to trust ourselves.

And now I’m off to grab a quick fifteen minutes of meditation, before the withdrawal symptoms kick in… 🙂

Image from Pixabay

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