This is where I share what I’m doing at the moment, inspired by Derek Sievers and linked to his Now Page Movement. It’s a good way of letting more people know you exist – please join in if you like. And: Sending a great big thank you to Derek!

Now: What I’m doing in September 2022

Writing & Publishing

Putting the finishing touches on my collection of short-stories, Sisters of Night and Stars, which I’m aiming to publish in October. Also getting back into the blogging habit, after a very long pause… And there’s the ever-growing stack of notes for the second novel, which isn’t quite coming together yet. But it will…

Also: Turning “Super-Max Goes Home” into an eBook, to be available on Amazon. Currently it is on my favourite German self-publishing platform (Epubli, Berlin) that sadly does not list its titles outside of Europe. Which now includes the UK. Thanks, Brexit!

Reading & Rereading

Food for the Soul: Denise Linn’s new book, Secrets & Mysteries; and one of my all-time favourites, Women Rowing North, by the wonderful Mary Pipher.

Just for Fun: Sue Grafton’s Alphabet series, starting again with A is for Alibi (still my favourite); Pascal Mercier, Das Gewicht der Worte (stunning).

Never without: Tove Jansson – Tales from Moominvalley (a favourite for decades); Christopher Vogler, The Writer’s Journey (my best-loved port in any writing-related storm).

Life @ the Hexenhouse

We’ve taken in a 15-year-old dog who needs a calm, safe place for the remainder of his days. Which for us as his human foster parents means a crash course in how to care for an elderly arthritic canine. So far, we are all managing. It gets a bit fraught at times: Are you alright (good as it gets), do you need the vet (hell no, I hate the vet!), do you want to go for a walk (oh yeah!!!), should I tap for you? (NO! Tap for yourself!) — Yes of course I talk with my dogs! Doesn’t everyone? He’s a tough, opinionated, joyful and gentle person and a lovely presence in our life. No doubt he’ll pop up in my blog… Here he is, on his first day in his new home: